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Horse Camps, Group Lessons, and Private Lessons

During Spring and summer we are offering Horse Camps, Group Lessons, and Private Lessons. Horse camps are every day for three to four days. First session starting mid morning to about noon. 

Camps and Group lessons have several instructors to ensure individual attention. The Classes will include:

Horse Safety (unmounted & mounted)

Horse Anatomy 

Saddle Parts and care

Western/ English Riding (compare/contrast)

Horse care and 

Horse back games to learn Control, Balance, and posture while riding

Individuals also learn teamwork and confidence

Respect for animals and others 

 Our camps and lessons also allow time for a snack and a short lesson plan.


Individual lessons are also available. Depending on what the individual would like to accomplish we can start from very basics to experienced levels. We like to include information as well as riding.

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